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Hello guys , im new to this forum if anything wrong please for give me.

i want to build a system that when ever everyone touch your door it will activate swith on for alarm device for 5 minute ?

i wondering what arduino to buy and how can i do it .
My english is bad plz forgive me .
thanks for all .


i wondering what arduino to buy

Any Arduino will be able to read the single input and trigger the single output.

and how can i do it

First, you need to think about how to make a door(knob) something that the Arduino can read the state of. You could, I suppose, make it into a capacitive touch sensor (a google search term for you to use).
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


in general you need to keep your track in to a basic idea.

what would be deferent from the time that someone come near or even touch the door

examples ( light, sound, temperature ect. )

after that you can creat in input point that continuisly check this value and at a change it trigers your output pin.

a door knob made from clear plexiglass dome with lightsensors in side would be my choise.

i am preaty sure that you can find everything easy.

for your first experiment at least while Paul is right, his idea is more apropriate.


good luck with your project.

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