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I bought a shield for Arduino Sparkfun DEV-11848

I modified an exemplary and I could get the display of a program number.
In my case 3542 :

i2cSendString("3542");  //Send the four characters to the display

Here is my problem:
I would like to display a variable instead of "3542"
This variable has the following format :

volatile int compt=0; // variable de comptage volatile

How to display the value of the variable compt  instead of 3542 ?

Thank you for your help


How to display the value of the variable compt  instead of 3542 ?

Since you need to define what to display as a a string, you need to convert the value to a string. The itoa() function does just that.


Thank you for the reply.

I have other question s:

Should we add a library to the Arduino software ?

I tried to use the itoa instruction without adding library but I have an error message. Maybe I do not have the correct syntax ?

Thank you


Maybe I do not have the correct syntax ?

My crystal ball says you don't.


Ahhhh ça fonctionne
Le programme :



Broches Arduino utilisées
A5 to SCL
A4 to SDA


int compt0 = 6931; //déclaration du nombre 6931

#include <Wire.h>

#define DISPLAY_ADDRESS1 0x71 //C'est l'adresse par défaut de la OpenSegment avec les deux jumpers ouverts

void setup()
  Wire.begin(); // Connection au bus I2C en tant que maitre

  Wire.beginTransmission(DISPLAY_ADDRESS1); // Débute une transmission sur le bus I2C vers le composant esclave ayant l'adresse indiquée
  Wire.write('v'); // envoie la valeur
  Wire.endTransmission(); // finalise la transmission

void loop()
  Wire.write(0x7A); // Brightness control command
  Wire.write(50); // Set brightness level: 0% to 100%
  char buffer[4]; // buffer de 4 caractères (Mais ça fonctionne avec 0 et aussi avec un nombre qui a plus de 4 caractères ???)
  itoa(compt0,buffer,10); // conversion de compt0 en 4 caractères décimaux
  i2cSendString(buffer); //Send the four characters to the display


void i2cSendString(char *toSend) // Envoie les 4 premiers caractères
  Wire.beginTransmission(DISPLAY_ADDRESS1); // transmit to device #1
  for(byte x = 0 ; x < 4 ; x++)
  • ); //Send a character from the array out over I2C
      Wire.endTransmission(); //Stop I2C transmission


I'm not sure how you expect '6', '9', '3', '1', and NULL to fit in a 4 element array.
I'm not sure what error message you are seeing.
I AM sure that your code doesn't really look like that.
I AM sure that you didn't read the "How to post on this forum" sticky at the top of the forum.

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