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Hey all,

First post on the forums so please be gentle!

I've purchased a radio transmitter and receiver (SCA-1710) and need a bit of help finding examples of code to make it work, Does anyone have any links to libraries for this transmitter/receiver? Or any sample code that I can experiment with?

Any help or advice is much appreciated.




do you have a link to the specification of the radio?
especially the interface would be valuable..
Rob Tillaart

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These devices are pretty common.  Are you planning on using it for anything specific (controlling or listening to an existing 433MHz device perhaps).

I wrote a fairly generic "code sniffer" recently that used exactly the same receiver to decode an unknown 433MHz PIR module signal.

Code is here.. https://bitbucket.org/ya_433MHz/ya_433mhz_lib/src

Most recent commit... https://bitbucket.org/ya_433MHz/ya_433mhz_lib/src/5c21af7e48917a21e198e00691b15ea645af1a2e/Ya_Holtec_decoder.ino?at=master

The code is fully commented and is a fairly vanilla  "interrupt driven state machine", i.e. the radio receiver generates interrupts which the state machine interprets as the parts of the "packet" from the transmitter.

There are numerous other (probably better) examples in the forum. Just search for 433MHz and you will see what I mean.  
Give us more information and we can point you in the best direction.


Thanks for your help -  I think that will give me plenty to get going with.



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