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Coding Badly

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Hate to bring some real engineering practice into it...

Going to have to do the same to you @fungus.

Variation is about 5% between 3V and 5V Vcc  (eg. when powered with 3xAA batteries).
Variation is about 5% for every 20 degrees difference in temperature (a difference easily possible from summer to winter).

For the entire envelope I get a total a variance of 5.3125%.  Centered at 8 MHz, the variance is +1.5625% / -3.75%.

5% variation is enough to make it fail.

That's 1/2 bit error which a modern hardware receiver easily deals with by sampling an odd number of quanta greater than one and tweaking the clock.

A modern UART should have little to no trouble receiving data over the entire temperature / voltage range.

Coding Badly

I did an experiment with SoftwareSerial

Thank you for doing that and reporting back the results.


Hi again.  I would like to say that i want to enable serial because i want to connect a bluetooth module.

After a lot of research i found that:http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=183180.0 this guy managed to succesfully tune an attiny2313A. I will try to do what he did but i have several questions about the procedure. I cant find a step by step guide to tune this thing and this is an advance procedure.

How can i learn what is the right value for my attiny that will be compared from the tuner? Is this a fuse that i try to tune? If i tune it will post here.

Another option is to use avrdude to disable the internal oscilator and use an external 16mhz...

Coding Badly

How can i learn what is the right value for my attiny that will be compared from the tuner?

If you were getting output here...
...then you already have the right value.

Is this a fuse that i try to tune?

No.  It is a one byte value that you assign to the OSCCAL register in setup.

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