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An early beta release of the next version of the GLCD library is now available. It has higher performance, more features, supports more Arduino boards and is easier to integrate with different panels.

Sketches written for the previous version should work with little or no modification although the configuration mechanism has been changed to make it easier to use with a wider range of GLCD chips and ATmega controllers

Here is the library beta download.  Documentation in pdf format is here and there is also an HTML reference document in the docs directory of the installed download

A huge amount of work went into this version, particularly from Bill (bperrybap).
We would appreciate beta testers kicking the tires, please post in this thread how you get on.

Have fun!


Some additional information about this library/code.

This glcd library is a beta release for a new glcd  library.
It is a replacement for the ks0108 library - http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/GLCDks0108

Because the library now supports other other glcds besides the ks0108 (currently only the sed1520 is operational), the name of the library was changed from "ks0108" to "glcd".

However, even though the library name was changed from "ks0108" to "glcd", both libraries cannot exist in your arduino environment.

So, to use this library, you will have to remove/uninstall any previous ks0108 library installation from your development environment.

See the readme.txt file in the zip image and the included HTML documenation in doc/GLCDref.htm, also in the zip image,  for further details.

--- bill


been wanting to play with this.

Thanks for the hard work writing it and releasing it, I will set a mega and a display up tonite and see what I can break. ;D


@copiertalk, looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Was just going through some of your examples. Pretty cool stuff. It looks like FPS has almost doubled plus a couple. The old example sketch showed 8 fPS while this one shows 16.07 or so.  

using this display http://www.wide.hk/pdf/YMG12864-5.pdf on a mega. It looks to have a different pinout than the ones in your instructions.

I will throw some graphics on it from my website and the project I am working on to it when I get a chance to play a little more with it.

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