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I would like to get some hints about color LCD options:
cost, easy of use (with Arduino...), hardware interfacing.


More info needed.

Are you talking about a graphics display or a numerical display? Also you need to define best? Quality, price, size ....

You are limited with a graphics display as the arduino hasn't got enough memory to hold the image therefore you need a shield with LCD, memory and maybe a SD card interface.
Like this one:-


I really did not explain in details.

I just need the display for user operation only. That is, alpha-numerical messages is fine. Colors are interesting in order to enhance the user experience (warnings, successful operations, logs, etc, in different colors).

At least 4 lines with 16 chars is fine for the majority of apps.

The "best" actually is from the viewpoint of the guys here in the forum... I would like to get different opinions. This is my opinion so far:

Related to the cost, something higher than $40 for a device with the explained features seems to be expensive. The use of serial connection would be very easy. However, the use of multiple I/O pins depends on the existence or not of available libraries. If I have to create code to make the interface, I prefer to pay more for the hardware.



I am not sure if you can get multi colored alpha / numeric displays. You might have to go for a graphics display and drive it accordingly. A price limit of $40 will normally restrict you to the mass production devices. Four lines by 16 characters is much bigger than the normal display but is not out of the question.

the use of multiple I/O pins depends on the existence or not of available libraries.

So do I take it from this you are afraid of actually programming?


No... not afraid of programming...
I am only trying to get ready-to-use solutions because I am also developing for more than 5 different projects...


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