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I've been working on this desk for a few months.  I made it out of walnut and it is the first part of what will be a larger computer desk setup.  I like to do woodworking and electronics.  I haven't mixed the 2 in years since I made a MAME cabinet.  I still need to make the top, but that may take a while and I wanted to get some feedback.  Here's a picture of the desk.

As I said it's made from walnut and I used a rail and stile design.  Each leg and the 5 stiles between have 3 windows with stained glass.  Behind these I put 28 LEDs; 8 behind each window.  (I know, 8 x 3 = 24, but the space between the windows took up an LED so that's the 2 extra for each.)  The lights are controlled by an Arduino Mega and a Sparkfun Spectrum Sheild .  The LEDs are Adafruit Neopixel LED Strips.  I cut the LEDs into strips of 28 and mounted them onto some lexan strips with electrical tape.  Here are a couple of videos of the desk in 'action'.  XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpWljF8-y0c
I'd like to add the ability to change the way the LED's work based on user selections from a website.  I haven't yet worked out the best way to do that and am open to suggestions. This will be the 'bottom' of an L-shaped desk. 


Hi and nice project! Could you share the arduino code you have used. I found some for a spectrum analyzer but only for ws2801 or others, nothing for ws2811/12 neopixels....
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