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Ok i got to go to work now.. hope i will find something soon.
I use the MidiVOX shield http://www.narbotic.com/kits/midivox/
Thanks in advance.. Patrick

PS: Think i found something
Shield pin 11 -> Mega pin 51
Shield pin 12 -> Mega pin 50
Shield pin 13 -> Mega pin 52

I hope that works ? Found it on a Forum claiming the Micro SD Shield wont work

But seems because of the DAC Audio Chip and so on that the code has to be rewritten.. omg :( i dont see my project working this year


I looked at the code listing. There are quite a few libraries & other files called out. Do you have all those in the right place?
I suppose you must, or it wouldn't compile.
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Yeah everything is fine. It works on the Duemillanove with the same sketch and everything the same.. except the arduino itself


I connected the SPI Pins like in the description.
Still doesnt work. I hate it..
I also tried switching from RX to RX1 (rewriting the code to serial1 aswell)
Also doesnt work :(

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