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Hi all. This is my first post on this site.
I managed to abapt the code on the Macetech site and splice it into the above DMX recive code, enabeling me to run five ShiftBright's. The computer with the code on it is not to hand at the moment, but if anyone is inerested I could post it at a later date. I work in the concert lighting business, I hooked my test bed (that looked like a birdsnest) into the system. The address set in the program was the same as an Led fixture in the rig and they both behaved the same  :) Sorry I didnt think of taking any photos. I am new at this!
So It it would not be to hard to adapt the code to work with a TLC5940.


It would be very interesting to see your code. I have bean trying to make a primitive moving head. but it sis not going very well at the moment. but your code might just be what I nead.


I also would love to see the code.  Thanks


I know I just posted this in another thread, but hopefully adding it here will help the next person who goes searching for this information.

The interrupt handler for the USART receive signal appears to have changed at some point for the ATMega328 chip.  Starting with gaggenau's code as shown earlier in this thread, change...

SIGNAL(SIG_USART_RECV) {  // for ATMega168

to this:
SIGNAL(USART_RX_vect) {  // for ATMega328

Ironically both names seem to work fine for the ATMega168.  I realized something was wrong with the interrupt handler routine because the compiled sketch was staying the same size even when I commented out parts of the routine.

I'm running Arduino-0018.  Hope this helps.



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Hi All,

I've been trying to create a DMX receiver using gaggenau's code.

I'm using an Arduino Uno with an ATMega328 chip. I'm using Arduino 0.21. I've made the change suggested by JeremyD.

On the surface, it sort of works. As soon as I send a DMX signal to the appropriate channel, my output goes high. (Should only happen for DMX values above 127.) Moving the DMX value down to 0 does not reset the output to low.

It also seems to respond to me changing other channels on the DMX controller.

Has anyone else seen this sort of activity? Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on?

I'm using a MAX485 transceiver, and I'm fairly confident my breadboard is correct.

Any help appreciated!


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