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I got another idea.

In each topic (website and forum, General Electronics, Etc Etc) you make a post as normal, but in each topic, all the questions get grouped together as though it's one thread (eg, 10 posts, all get put into 1 thread, just like any replies, answers on this page) however, here's the twist.

hitting "Reply" button, takes that 1 post and spawns off a new thread, the person gets redirected to the new thread, and that 1 post gets removed from the old thread.

[ how to wire up a resistor]
My Issue
[Reply] [report]

[ how to use a mosfet]
My Issue
[Reply] [report]

[ how to calculate]
My Issue
[Reply] [report]

click on the reply to mosfet or any other, that post simply gets spawned into it's own thread, the idea is to trap all the spam into that 1 thread allowing a moderator to simply delete each *post* rather than having to remove an entire thread!  it also allows people to see all the new questions in 1 post.


I don't understand.

But please don't encourage the developers of the website to make the underlying system more complicated - they've already done too much of that.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


See this thread, yes the one you typed to reply...

Have ALL new posts appear in 1 thread...  when you reply to a one of the posts in the thread, it gets taken out (removed from the thread) and a new thread is spawned along with your reply.

Still no entiendo?


I think I am confused by some of the jargon. Let me try to explain ...

I think of the "Website and Forum" and "Project Guidance" as different SECTIONS of the forum

Within each section you can start a new TOPIC (which is also referred to as a THREAD)

Within each topic you can reply with a new POST

I think you are saying that you can't create a new TOPIC (only a new POST) and that the new item only becomes a TOPIC of it's own after someone replies to it. But if all those new POSTs are in the same TOPIC (within a SECTION) how does the software know which post the reply refers to? At the moment the reply is assumed to belong to the TOPIC where it is posted - not to any particular POST in that TOPIC.

It sounds like you would need a major re-write of the underlying Forum software.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


I think what's confusing here is "a new thread" on most forums, is a new thread, here it's a new "topic" but really, a new topic would mean a new topic eg "sewing" .

10 people click on "new topic" under "General Electronics" - now go inside General Electronics, you'll find 1 thread (if the forum was new and not been used) or you'd find that 1 thread along with everyone elses thread (topics)

So, you click on this thread, and inside that thread you'll find all 10 "topics" contained in 1 thread.

now, for those 10 "topics" to become those 10 threads (ie, individual topics), someone would have to reply to every post, otherwise it just stays contained in 1 thread... if 9 out of those 10 posts are all spam, then only 1 "topic" would be replied to, and that 1 topic would be removed from the thread of 10 posts bringing it to 9, and a new thread is created.

those 9 posts can be quickly deleted rather than relying on 9 "topics" to be individually removed after people have replied to them as normal.

yes  a complete redesign, but i believe this could be a much better way to capture trolls and spam, as all the "topic" posts are contained in just 1 thread.

renaming "post topic" to "post thread" or "new thread" would be less confusing  as  a topic about Elephants is really just a Thread about elephants in "off topic"


I think you have just designed a new project for yourself - designing a new forum software suite and then persuading people to use it.

This forum is built on a product called SMF. It is also used to power the N Gauge Forum and if you look at that you can easily see the design similarities. (However th N Gaue Forum people haven't crocked it up the way the Arduino people have).

As far as I know you would have to get the SMF people to implement the sort of change you are thinking of.

I have to say I find the whole idea very much counter-intuitive. And trying to redefine the well established jargon doesn't help.

In the past I have suggested that the Forum should have a tagging system (such as that used by StackOverflow) so that different threads could be associated through a limited number of common tags (for example "robots" or "solar power"). With such a system there could easily be a "Spam" tag.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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