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Hello there!
I posted this topic on the software page, but I think it was the wrong place, so I am now posting it here. I really please ask some help. This is my final project and I am stuck on this.

I am trying to finish a programme that involves 32 LEDs and 2 TLC 5940s (among other stuff). What I want basically is that at some point in time it removes all the ongoing fades and gets back to a quite all switched off situation, so that it restarts. I tried for a while but I can't get where is the problem. I am using a switch based programme and this is the last part (there are three of them: case 0; case 1; case 2).
The problem is: when the programme get back to case 0, it reproduces one last fade and then it stops. The weird thing is that in case 2 it actually removes all the fades. I also tried to debug code in case 1, but there is a lot of stuff going on there. If someone can suggest me how to solve this out (just a way to clear all processes happening on the 2 TLCs) it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
Code: [Select]
boolean restart = false;
unsigned long waitTOrestart;
int removeDelay = 9000;
int clearDelay = 2000;
unsigned long timeTOrestart;
unsigned long removeBraceletTime;
void endMode(){

 if (restart == false){
   restart = true;
   waitTOrestart = millis();

 removeBraceletTime = waitTOrestart + removeDelay;
 timeTOrestart = removeBraceletTime + clearDelay;

 if (millis()<=removeBraceletTime){

   for(int i = 0; i++; i<32){
   braceletValue = map(millis(), waitTOrestart, removeBraceletTime, 255, 0);
   analogWrite(ledBracelet, braceletValue);

 if (millis()>removeBraceletTime && millis()<=timeTOrestart){
   braceletValue = 0;
   analogWrite(ledBracelet, braceletValue);

   mode = 0;
   restart = false;


cant tell what your doing, or trying to do, sorry.

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