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Can i use that http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tlc5947.pdf with arduino duelminove to control 18 servo?


No, it has an internal oscillator instead of the GSCLK on the TLC5940.
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And can you explain why that feature is important? What are the diference between gsclk and sclk?


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The internal clock frequency of that part cannot be changed and its way too fast to be used to drive a servo.

Servos require a very specific range of control pulses and that chip is not capable of providing them.


Ran Talbott

I haven't tried this chip,  but it's supposed to run 16 servos off a serial or I2C link.



Hi metRo_
What chip did you end up using?
I also would like to control 18 servos from an Arduino but I'm not sure what to use...

Thank you.

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