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Why would it be a LiquidCrystal issue, if it only works after being immediately programmed?  Why wouldn't pressing reset after power-on (which is the same as what happens after programming) work?

Why when the original poster added code to manually flash Pin 13, THAT only works after upload and not power-cycle?
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I think the answer, or more correctly the explanation, is here: http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=19126&sid=5d2aafa63afa902b05cec1f55874bcd0.

Of course if the "News" forum on this site worked this would be an appropriate item to include.



Amnesia =[

Adafruit is sending me a new one and prepaid postage to send the old one back. =]

I'll take a look at LiquidCrystal4Bit. Thanks!

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