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 :'(Hi I have this Shiel and
I said it was compatible with Arduino but not connecting
ViewItem & item = 260688971131 & ssPageName = STRK: M. ..
my shield pins are marked well and I think so:
"sck" which means "sck" link pin13
"yes" which means "mosi" link (I think) pin11
"so" which means "commitment" of the link (I think) pin12
"cs" that deductions will be the "ss". (someone could confirm) pin10
and me on these pins
WQL = not for serving
int = idem
clkout = idem
reset = be for resetting but not how to use
Feed = 3.3V
grn = feeding

I've been mulling over several days on google and sending emails to the Chinese or
case, I do not throw it no longer do.
if anyone can tell me how to connect would be grateful .... and so to

not think I'm on the right path?
and thanks


Many people have problems getting the enc28j60 type ethernet shield working. You can search the forum for your shield for past post concerning issues. For less trouble, spend the extra $$$ and get the below W5100 shield.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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I think the ultimate solution is to buy a new one, I like this
already connected but this happens.
if the ip is and make a ping
I said that the timeout
and if the change by
send and receive but I get an error destination unreachable host.


Ethernet enc28j60 type requires 'etherShield' library or another set of code I saw around here somewhere.  search for 'enc28j60'


before posting and find it
 and I have not been successful.
help help :(

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