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Hi, everyone. Makeblock is holding is first internal Makefaire last weekend. Three groups built 3 arduino projects.  All the projects have been done within 24-hour. Team team contain a mechanical engineer, electronic engineer and a software engineer.  Here are some pictures to show what we are working on. If you guys are interesting about these projects, I will release more details soon. Or click http://forum.makeblock.cc/t/1st-makeblock-makefaire/403/4.

Here's the presentation video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPoJPE2w_9I

It's looks like a turtle.

And there are 2 soccer-player vehicles

A camera vehicle. The Holder could slide, rotate. And the front wheel of the vehicle could rotate to make the car run in circular.

And here's the puppet  robot, it's amazing. I will post the related video soon.
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