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hey every-one im kinda new to this adruino thing and was having a few troubles setting up my little project basicaly what i wanted to do was make my solar panel track to sun light as it is mounted on a rotatable horizontal axis i have found some source code for creating a light tracker (ie. taking two light reciving diodes and having it so that if one is not receiving as much  light as the other it will even out auto-maticly but i need to do this on a larger scale (12volt) and with a large dc motor (12volt) i need to know what kind of connectors i will need and how to set them up and info is scarce on the web for this topic i have an ardumoto board but am not sure what to do from here any help would be greatly apreciated
cheers, Jimbo


What sort of mechanism do you have in mind?  What sort of motor?
Possibly you would find a threaded rod driven by an automotive power-seat or power-window motor a useful approach.

If you want to drive a 12 volt motor, you will need a motor driver.  This could be a relay, or a couple of them.  It could be a solid state H-bridge.  Most of these things will be readily found via Google.


There's nothing in what you've asked so far that hasn't been discussed many times, at length, here in the Arduino forum.

Search the archives and you'll get lots and lots of answers quickly.

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