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Haven't seen it mentioned here, but I combined this sketch with teh serial to midi converter and it worked just taking the midi in through USB.  Thanks for the sketch!  I finally got my ableton clips triggering and flasing a LED at me when launched.  Nice!


Hey, thanks for all your information, I have an arduino receiving midi from a controller or from the computer..!

Now i have another problem!! (when will i finish!?jejeje) i bought a 9V AC/DC for go everywhere with my arduino and my midi controller. But without the USB power it doesn't works!! What happens?!


I have the circuit done and working, but here is the problem:

With this code, happens two diferent thinks with power via USB or 9V black power jack.

without usb power, never is available, the serie...

Code: [Select]
int statusLed=13;  //one
int statusLed2=12;  //ten
int statusLed3=11;  //hundred
byte incomingByte;

void setup() {
 pinMode(statusLed,OUTPUT);   // declare the LED's pin as output
 pinMode(statusLed2,OUTPUT);   // declare the LED's pin as output
 pinMode(statusLed3,OUTPUT);   // declare the LED's pin as output

 Serial.begin(31250); //9600 for USB i 31250 for MIDI i 38400 for debugging

void loop () {
 if (Serial.available() > 0) {
   // read the incoming byte:
   incomingByte = Serial.read();

void blink(byte valor, int nled){
 digitalWrite(nled, valor);

anyone can help me?

thanks a lot!


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Just to let you know where my problem is:

It is the resistance between RX and 5V.
It should be measured as about 1k to connect either MIDI or USB.
So I can't for now have a standalone solution where it is possible to connect the FTDI from time to time because the resistance is then too low or too high without the FTDI.

I can put a switch to enable a parallel resistor to the 3,3k one : enabled would be MIDI, disabled would be FTDI.
Or perhaps a transistor?
Or a FTDI in my enclosure... I made eveything to not have the need of it, but... And it would allow me also to have MIDI over Serial/USB connectivity.

So, for now I don't really know. I could try a transistor, but would it allow 9600 or 11250bps? I'm not sure with a 2N2222? (Their frequency is 250MHz or 300MHz)

Another thing: check out Ruin&Wesen library, could help some! ;) http://ruinwesen.com/blog?id=582


hi, i'm searching a circuit of a MIDI THRU for put in this MIDI IN circuit, anyone can help me?


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