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Yep, I did try your schematic, no luck.  My experience was the same as Charbot.  

For those planning on building this, order a few of both optocouplers to be safe. ;)


Hi, I just recieved for Xmas my Arduino Mega, and I wish to control circuit bent devices (toy keyboards, speak and spell, DIY filters...) via Midi with Arduino.

Any help would be appreciated !

Question : did anyone tried the midi library for Arduino ?



Here is the official midi schematic for inputs, outputs and through ports :

The triangle amps followed by a small ring are inverters, like the 4049, used for buffering the signal.


Hi !
I hacked my old dead Atari 1024stf with a handsaw and a dremel to get the midi in and out pcb with optocoupler, inverters and 556 timer.
(Off topic : do you know what the 556 do in midi out messages ? Midi clock ?)

It works great as a midi input optocoupler !

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