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Just finished the first version of a Mobile Controller Based on Arduino Uno
Mobile Controller

Question that triggered me creating this solution:
How can technical oriented professionals quickly automate a simple application without having a lot of experience in embedded electronics and software development?

--Many technically oriented professionals often cannot make the move to an automated system because of the complexity and the lack of experience with embedded electronics and software development.
--Also, utilizing Arduino for industrial or mobile applications requires special attention given the harsh and noisy environment. For example going from a supply voltage as low as +1.5V or +3.3V to the 9-36VDC industrial world requires careful design decisions and dedicated solutions to achieve safe and reliable operation.
--The use of Arduino as embedded solution in automation, motion, and machine control systems requires the designer to take on special requirements when interfacing with the industrial world (I/O drivers).
--The incorporation of an Arduino in an industrial enclosure is customized and brings considerable costs with it.

Arduino Uno + configurable I/O driver PCB + rugged IP67 industrial enclosure.

--Arduino Uno: ease of use
--Configurable I/O driver PCB: configurable IO-drivers to interface with sensors and actuators
--Rugged IP67 enclosure: simple assembly

Arduino community, let me know your thoughts.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated.




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