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I have created an Arduino DHT22 library. This is my first post on the forum and can not post the links until my second post  >:(


2nd Post with links
DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor page at sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10167
The code is currently posted here http://goo.gl/uy1fV
Post a reply with any comments or questions you may have.


Works perfectly. the only other code i could find for the DHT22 did not work all the time and Aosong's datasheet was remarkably unhelpful.
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Thanks for the kind words. Next version will verify the checksum.


I worked with a very similar device, the DHT11. I'd be interested to know if what is at...


... works with the DHT22.

Neat device, by the way! I got mine from Nuelectronics who do some fun things at good prices. Web page a little untidy, and "hides" things... but dig around! The above links to further comments in this vein.



As there are similar devices like the DHT11, does your lib support them too? now or in a next release?
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I looked at the DHT11 protocol. It looks like the same protocol. It is worth a try. I do not have a DHT11 to test with.


I created a github project for the DHT22 arduino library

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