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I was thinking the best way to send data to a website may just be to make a modem connection (gsm) to my server and hook up a 56k modem and transfer the data over @ 9600 bps.  

I can't see a reason for using SMS (0.10 cents a message) or even obtaining an IP and using the wireless GSM for data transfer.  

I think it would be cheaper to make a GSM -> land-line modem connection using talk time.

I'm talking about sending about 1k per connection, 4 times an hour.

Does that make sense?


Dunno where you are, or what network you're on, but where I live old-school data calls are mostly not supported at all (any more) and when they were, they were an expensive added feature.



As far as I know, Fido was the only carrier that ever had data calling, and they pulled the plug on that when they started selling GPRS -- long before they were swallowed by Rogers.  The service was called FidoData and I was a lucky subscriber.  It cost a fair bit extra on a flat rate basis and also used a different pool of minutes from your voice pool -- ones that also cost more.

Howard Forums is the place to follow up on that stuff.


I suppose using Gsm to gt an ip is my only choice as SMS is not able to deliver to non-gsm systems.

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