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I was thinking the best way to send data to a website may just be to make a modem connection (gsm) to my server and hook up a 56k modem and transfer the data over @ 9600 bps.  

I can't see a reason for using SMS (0.10 cents a message) or even obtaining an IP and using the wireless GSM for data transfer.  

I think it would be cheaper to make a GSM -> land-line modem connection using talk time.

I'm talking about sending about 1k per connection, 4 times an hour.

Does that make sense?


Dunno where you are, or what network you're on, but where I live old-school data calls are mostly not supported at all (any more) and when they were, they were an expensive added feature.



As far as I know, Fido was the only carrier that ever had data calling, and they pulled the plug on that when they started selling GPRS -- long before they were swallowed by Rogers.  The service was called FidoData and I was a lucky subscriber.  It cost a fair bit extra on a flat rate basis and also used a different pool of minutes from your voice pool -- ones that also cost more.

Howard Forums is the place to follow up on that stuff.


I suppose using Gsm to gt an ip is my only choice as SMS is not able to deliver to non-gsm systems.


Arduino does not have an IP stack, and the GSM modem type thing is just going to give you raw GPRS. This might be a way forward: http://www.sics.se/~adam/uip/index.php/Main_Page  I'm sure there are people that would be interested in a GPRS implementation to go with this.

The Ethernet shields and the like are low-budget IP implementations tied directly to their ethernet hardware and would be of no real help in dealing with GPRS.  If you use an Ethernet shield, then you need a hub or router and an EVDO internet stick.  You could likely get this combo working, but it would cost a bit.

If you don't mind paying $75 per year or so to operate a handset, you can receive infinite SMS messages with a PetroCan SIM.  This is also the cheapest way I can find to send SMS at $25 per 250 for 4 months or $20 per 2500 per 30 days.  My volume is such that the $25/120 day approach is better.  I have an old Nokia handset wired to my UNIX computer and it sends and receives SMS, no problem.

Again, Howard Forums.


How are you receiving the SMS?  I'd ultimately like to send the SMS to my own server (which is on Rackspace Cloud).  But do not have access to add a GSM modem to it.


http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9533 -- this thing has a rudimentary IP stack in it that would allow you to post arbitrary data to a web service without too much trouble.  It looks like RobotShop.ca could set you up with one.


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I have a GSM card, I am looking for a service to receive SMS from my device (that has Longitude/Latitude data) and put it in a database.

NM: I see the IP stack on the GSM.


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How are you receiving the SMS?

I have an old 6190 handset connected via a Nokia F-bus serial cable to a FreeBSD box in my basement.  I have a software daemon that sends and receives SMS using Justin Karneges Nokia 61xx SMS send/receive functions.  The SIM is a PetroCan PAYG one and the whole setup's been working reliably for 3 years.

In another thread I mentioned that I am working on getting a 3595 or 3395 working as a similar appliance to go at my cottage.  That's a work in progress.


I have a Nokia 6103b handset, wonder if that would work?


What type of cable is it, is it the USB one?  If so, could you send me the cable part number please?



Mine is a DAU-9P http://www.google.ca/#q=dau-9p
It is a serial cable for 61xx and 51xx phones from the
late 90s.  It's the kind of thing you'd look for on ebay.

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