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Hello forum.
I have a 16x2 LCD connected to my Uno and a simple momentary pushbutton switch.
Using a modulo operator I can cycle through 3 different LCD displays, namely date & time, rainfall,& temperature. It's not a big deal and I can live with just viewing the updated data for each screen statically, but I would really love to view this data dynamically - that is to say, that what ever screen is currently displayed on the LCD - I would like to view that data "live" so to speak.
I did once see something on the net on how to do this, but I can't seem to find it anymore, and I'm snooked. Could someone perhaps point me in the right direction



Without seeing how you have your current code implemented it is hard to suggest changes to produce the desired effect.

Basically your code will be in loop() to achieve the dynamic aspect.   Each time around you need to see if the button has been pushed and up date some sort of flag if necessary.  Next the flag itself would be checked to determine which LCD routine to run.  Finally the appropriate LCD routine would be run followed by a delay before going around the loop again.


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