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Hi! i'm really interested in fleet control using arduino, i saw that
connect a gps receiver and obtain data is a quite simple task but i
need two more goals...

1. transmit the gps data from a car to a webserver in a range ok 30km!
2. send custom data to identify the car

I read a lot on the web and i'm really going crazy to understand what
it can be the best way to do this...

i live in italy and i hope you have good advices for me :)

Have a nice day


2. send custom data to identify the car

simple, just program in a different number as a constant when you program each car, send it along with GPS.

1. transmit the gps data from a car to a webserver in a range ok 30km!

You either need to build a licensed wireless communication network, or use one that already exists.  May I suggest the second approach ;-)  Any of the wireless carriers would be glad to sell their services.  There are also many projects here about interfacing Arduino to wireless shields, google for the type of network (GSM, PCS, CDMA, etc) that your local carrier can provide.


I'm currently exploring the same thing.

1) GPS Integration = Complete
2) GPS Data Storage = Complete
3) ODB II Data (Speed, RPM, Gas Mileage, Maintenance data) = Complete
4) GSM Modem = Working on now.

I am basically taking all data, storing it and sending it VIA GSM over a Cell network.  I also have an option to store the data to a SD cards.


Thank You AltairLabs,
i think your suggest is the best solution... i still need to figure how to store data in the webserver, i need some work here!

what you think about the XBee modules? i read about the range (quite what i need) but i don't know if they work well in the urban chaos...


good work mike! i'm a little bit scared about the GSM cost... also if my project will become bigger.

What you think?


So long as you only send the data somewhat compressed, and at intervals greater than 10 minutes, I think you'd be pretty good.

I am using SMS messaging, and unlimited SMS costs only $10.00 a month.


Yes, i will check prices in italy, the only thing is that i need quite-realtime gps position of a fleet tho display it on a smartphone app connected to internet. do you think i can do that with sms?


easily, SMS are pretty quick!


Subscribe...was thinking of this exact same thing as a project whilst out riding.  8-)
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