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I was doing some PCB order on seeedstudio and noticed a price error. So I thought it would be cool to make the pricing matrix for the several board sizes that I use (bet others use these sizes also). Saves you time from digging on their site:

5*5   PCS   Cost   Unit cost
   5    $9.90     $1.98
   10    $9.90     $0.99
   20    $28.90     $1.45
   30    $28.90     $0.96
   50    $39.90     $0.80
   100    $79.90     $0.80
10*10   PCS   Cost   Unit cost
   5    $20.90     $4.18
   10    $24.90     $2.49
   20    $45.90     $2.30
   30    $69.90     $2.33
   50    $109.90     $2.20
   100    $179.90     $1.80

5*10   PCS   Cost   Unit cost
   5    $18.90     $3.78
   10    $23.90     $2.39
   20    $42.90     $2.15
   30    $56.90     $1.90
   50    $69.90     $1.40
   100    $104.90     $1.05
10*15   PCS   Cost   Unit cost
   5    $45.90     $9.18
   10    $55.90     $5.59
   20    $86.90     $4.35
   30    $124.90     $4.16
   50    $139.90     $2.80
   100    $249.90     $2.50

Notice the mistake in there?

It seems like from 10*10 to 10*10, you pay a deep increase.
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I just decided NOT to go with seeedstduio for a while. They excluded PCB service from $50 free shipping. They've been doing this for years but just removed it. This triggered me to look at alternative, iteadstudio.

I had some quote dispute with itead a few years back. I do 100-200 boards at a time for some of my kits. One guy gave a price and the other guy would give a very different one, like twice as expensive. Confusing a whole lot. I decided to drop them and return to seeed, knowing they were a bit more expensive, but discovered the free shipping.

Now I took another look at itead, they have slightly lower priced 10*10 boards ($5 less) and shipping is quite a bit more reasonable compared with seeed. I'll see how they handle 100-200 board quotes.

I know CR has been using/recommending itead :)
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I've used iTead a few times, no complaints at all. The only reason I currently use Elecrow is that they do coloured boards for no extra charge!
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I've been happily using itead for a few small runs: only 10-20 boards not 200 - got my latest delivery just last week!  However they have the full quantity pricing structure laid out on their website (qty up to 300) so there shouldn't be any confusion; for example, 10x10cm.

The process standards (clearances, min line widths, etc) are not up to local (Australian) quality but it is literally 10-50x cheaper and more than good enough for simple microcontroller work.


And they are still shipping with desiccants. I don't know if that's good or not for transportation. Seeed says that's not allowed by their mail carriers. Anyway, it's good to know the boards are dry.
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