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Hi All,

I've completed a couple of Arduino projects and I feel fairly up to speed with the basics.

One of the things that is being talked about within my company is purchasing multiple temperature data loggers to do temperature mapping.

In a month or so time when I'm even more knowledgeable about Arduinos I'd like to build a prototype data logger of my own and show it to the company.

What I want to know is which components of the Arduino I'm currently using?

Can I just buy a ATMega 326, program it on my Arduino and then stick on on some veroboard to make a circuit up, or do I need  to include all the other resistors, capiactors, diodes and quartz crystal?

What I'm asking is how do I determine all the components I need to make standalone circuit that runs my program?


Yes you need capacitors and most of the time the crystal.
Look for stand alone arduino on a search engin for lots of examples.



You can also put on a header for a FTDI USB to Serial adapter so you can use a FTDI serial adapter like the ones from Adafruit or Sparkfun,  This will allow you to send Arduino code to your board without having to pull the chip.  You'll still need to load the bootloader from another UNO the first time, though.


Look at the design of a "Pro Mini".  That's a "stand -alone Arduino" already designed for you, ready to go!

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