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i am wondering if there is any way to program the arduino to use the Pololu Low-Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller to drive 2 motors that go with the tamiya dual gearbox, plz help me by explaining how to do this, i am also willing to pay anyone who can help me with programming my robot !  ;D


Hey spooky,
 Do you have any idea how many posts you have to make before you can post links?

 Hint: It's way fewer than the number of posts you've made.


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before you can post links

That's irrelevant.  Saying the model or part number of the motor driver, quoting the specs from the motor, mentioning the general application requirements, or mentioning the model of Arduino does not require a link at all.


Posting part numbers without links to data sheets is better than nothing. But, I'm kind of lazy. A post with all the information, including links, will get more attention than a post without all the required information. I'm generally inclined to skip on past posts that make me go google stuff, especially when it is so easy to post a link.


here is link http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/120


According to that link, the device communicates over the serial port. So, you use Serial.write() to send it commands.

Code: [Select]
Serial.write(0x80); // Start
Serial.write(0x00); // device type
Serial.write(0x11); // Motor 1 fwd
Serial.write(0x3F); // 63/127'ths full speed

Serial.write(0x80); // Start
Serial.write(0x00); // device type
Serial.write(0x00); // Motor 0 reverse
Serial.write(0x7F); // full speed

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