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I'm a 100% rookie in Arduino stuff. I would like to build a robot with 4 wheels, sound sensor, light sensor & accelerometer.
I still don't have anything at all except the energy and motivation.
Who could tell me the content of my future order?
My brain is boiling with what I want to do with it...but I "just" need the "it".
Please answer...
Thanks for reading,


Too many of them... that's my problem...I'll not buy all of them ...  :-/

I'll do it at once...


Think about what sensors you want to have on it, then look at the platforms to see if you can get them mounted on it, and if it looks like something you would like to work with.

I got this one not long ago
My next project with it is to make bumpers, so I can mount my sensors on it.
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Do you want to piecemeal your own custom 4 wheel base?  If so, that's going to mean custom fabricating your own chassis from scratch.  If that's what you want, I can easily given you a list of required components to build a fully functional 4 wheel base (excluding the custom chassis to bolt everything to).

I'd personally recommend just buying a prefab kit.  Which kit is most suitable to you will depend on a variety of factors.  What kind of payload capacity are you looking for?  What kind of environments do you want it to operate in?  What is your budget?


:o looOOoove  :o  this one will be for laaaaaaater.

But it looks like the one I would like, without the wifi so far.
The sensors I would like to mount on it are sound sensor, light sensor and accelerometer.

My idea is to make it move after a sound. Stop after the next sound. Turn after ... ... If it's too dark or the road is too "leaning", then stop.

Any proposition of platform?  :-X


I would like to build the base by myself with some toys of my kid (Lego or clics or playmobil or ...) Then if you could provide me a list of everything I would need, I would be thankful.
Money side, I suppose I could spend around 60-70? for the whole... knowing the time I'll spend on it, it will not be that expensive rate  ;)

Thanks to all of you to welcome me that way.


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My next buy when I need a new platform, will either be one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Arduino-Compatible-2-Wheel-Drive-Mobile-Robot-Platform_W0QQitemZ130476743643QQcategoryZ147165QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp5197.m7QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D5%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D6508502429342119106#ht_2141wt_1139 or a lynx http://www.lynxmotion.com/c-30-a4wd1-rovers.aspx to go offroad...
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One easy avenue available is to get 4 continuous rotation servos and some wheels that can be mounted to them.  For example, four of these:
They can be driven (though not powered) directly from an Arduino, and they can usually be powered from the same power source as the Arduino.

If you go with 4 separate motors for drive power, then you are also going to have to get a motor controller that is capable of driving those 4 motors.  It'll be more expensive and more complicated to set up.  something like:
could be used, but require a motor controller to drive them, something like:

That latter setup would have a higher payload capacity and higher top speed than the servo setup, but also a higher cost and higher learning curve.  Being a novice, I'd recommend the servo route, and upgrade when you outgrow them (also, continuous rotation servos have other uses within hobby robotics, so you would likely be able to repurpose them if/when you outgrow them, as opposed to just tossing them aside)

As another option, either setup can also be reduced to a two-wheel arrangement with a caster wheel to reduce the costs by 30-50%.


ok ok... then I understand slowly that I need something easier...  :-[

kit with 4 wheels, sound & light sensors & accelerometer.. ?...



I am working on a project to build a robot something like you have described.
I purchased items over six months and tested it, played with it, see how it works. Sorta prototyping
I broke some items and some items I will never use again but I did learn a lot.
You'll know exactly what you need as you learn more and this form is great for exchanging information and resolving problems.

I'm still not sure about my project but I'm learning.  :)
Ok so this doesn't help answer your question but I'm offering encouragement.

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