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Arduino Maize Project

Hey gals and guys. I need code written for a project I'm going to build. The plan is to have a small maize with 4 or 5 large pushbutton stations. There will be a sign at the entrance to the maize that has a timer and three buttons to start , stop , and reset. The point of the game is the person hits the start button when they are ready. Then they have to go through the maize as quickly as they can and hit all four different push button stations. Once they hit all four they have to rush out and hit the stop button. As they are hitting the buttons in the maize the timer counts upward till they hit the stop button at the entrance/exit. Once they hit the stop the timer freezes so they can see there scored time and show off to there friends. When the next person is ready they just hit reset. Also when each pushbutton is hit in the maize, a corresponding light on the main board will light up allowing for the people at the entrance watching to see that the person going through maize actually is hitting all four buttons. So lets say the pushbutton stations were numbered 1-4. Then the same numbered station indicators on the sign would light up.

I am new to Arduino and have no experience programming and don't quite have the time to learn before this project has to be completed  :smiley-eek:. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!

you guys rock!


Arduino Maize Project

I was expecting something about corn. Instead, you seem to be talking about a maze.

I am new to Arduino and have no experience programming and don't quite have the time to learn before this project has to be completed

When IS our homework due?

The programming aspect of this project is nearly trivial. It's all about placing the switches and running the wires. 6 or 7 switches, 4 LEDs and an LCD display. Programming shouldn't take more than an hour.
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What scale is this project?  Like, you say "people go through the maze", does this mean you've installed buttons in a corn field?  Or is it something where you are moving the small metal ball through the tilt maze and sits on your table?

Both would function basically the same, but the later is a lot easier to construct than the former.


Its in fact like a corn maize but much smaller and built with board and rail. I'm copying the idea from this guy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fDOzOht5uo . I could do this with a PLC which I have experience and the know how. I figured it could be done much cheaper with an Arduino.

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