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Hi there
I got an Arduino and started fiddling arround with it for som days now.
I realize i have to be more structured so now im trying to come up with specs for a complete energy / temperature monitoring/logging system.
Here is what i can think off. so far.

[font=Tahoma][size=12]Project description:[/size]
Temperature and energy monitoring system with Online/web data collection.
Plug and play ie. auto config for collecting of temperature data.
S0 or LED pulse sensing from Energy meters through counter module with backup.
Possibility to add output modules with relays for controlling pumps etc.
Economical goal (HW only):       Assembled Head unit with ethernet in box with conectors, PSU, etc.  <$ 100
(@10-50 pices)                        Assembled wireless temp sensors in box <20 $       Wired Temp sensor < $5
Arduino platform with Ethernet shield.
DS18B20 temp. sensor
DS1307 RTC
DS2423 Counter for S0 pulses (BPW21 or similar for detecting LED pulses)
RS485 interface through MAX485/488 for accessing data from Modbus units
Possibility to extend the system to support collecting  of (temp.)data through wireless  315/433/868 mHz "add on" module. This will ALSO require new "wireless sensors" (mini systems with LM35/DS18B20 + Arduino mini/or single ATMega cip +  RF module) like the JeeNode from http://cafe.jeelabs.net/lab/jn5/

DHCP support (with default fallback IP:, Subnet:, GW:
DNS support (possibility for the data collecting web/SQL-server to change IP without change of code).
Opdate sketch/firmware "remote" via Ethernet.
Collect data from several DS18B20 sensors on a 1-wire microlan (not just 1 sensor at each data input PIN).
A local webserver page on Arduino to show the found temp. sensors and actual/live data (not historical).
A local webserver page/form on Arduino to enter/configure which Modbus coils/registers to be polled for data (like the temp. sensors)
A local webserver page/form on Arduino to enter/configure user credentials like "Access ID" etc. for use when uploading datastream to web/SQL-server. (Pachube, Google apps/Power-meter, local provider, etc.)

CMS Webserver system enabling each "User" (different from AccessID) to manage own datastreams etc. Like selecting and naming of sensors to display. And showing graph of latest data and historical data like last hour, last day, last month, last year. (Pachube clon like ?)

PHP or PL script on the default collecting Webserver, that can automaticly create and update tables on the SQL server "on the fly" without the need for manual editing first.[/font]

Well thats about it for now  :o  Please comment and fill in with ideas to the project.


Hi Lars.

Currently I also adopting this concept.
my path is :

1. Adopting openenergymonitor.org , specialy the masterehernettemplate sketch.

2. add a bbs style node configuration :
- IP address
- gateway
- Server IP
- server Hostname (just in case of shared hosting)
- Form processor file to call
- node name
- node password for web post
(currently it's hard coded)

3. Basically the node will always send :
a. 4 analog sensor raw value (0-1023). I'll leave the conversion at the server side
b. node name and password

I try to as universal as posible.
I don't know where it will ended, I just work on it.



Hi Bino
Thanks for commenting. My thread has been read a lot of times but no comment so far.
I know my goal is ambisitious, and frankly i also got a little stock.  :-[
I got hung up on other projects, as this is only a hobby project i dont spent so much time on it.
The guys at openenergymonitor is certenly making progress and also inspire me how things can be done. And also your aproach is interesting.
At the moment i have my system collecting temp data from 9 sensores and saving them on a remote SQL. I will continue down the path as i see a "market" for this kind of system/solution. But i still has a long way before i reach my goals.



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