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My current project needs to save stepper motor speeds to playback kind of hardware animation so-to-speak

Ive boiled it down to two different methods and im wondering if theres any problems with either ive overlooked

the data im saving is one byte (which step to change the stepper motor speed)  and one int -2bytes- (the actual speed for the motor) for every entry of data

first method
I stream the data from a computer via serial and save the first byte into arduino internal eeprom and the next int into an external eeprom
upon startup of the arduino i pull the internal eeprom bytes and place them into arduino RAM (atmega 328 - 1k RAM) for quicker access

Second Method
I save the byte and int onto a sd card from the computer then plug that into the arduino, the arduino reads the byte and again stores it into the RAM and leaves the int in the sdcard for lookup when it needs to

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed

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