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I'm trying to interface the LinkSprite JPEG camera to an Arduino Mega and having little success. I've seen a couple of the threads on this particular camera and I'm not asking feasability of using a camera with an Arduino, I'm just looking for debugging help.

The camera gets power, and receives the transmissions from the Mega just fine, I've hooked it up to an o-scope and verified the serial signals. But, I can't seem to get any data to send out from the camera itself.

With this particular camera, as you send a command, the camera will send a response back to the Arduino, this is where the problem is. If no response comes back to the Arduino from a command like "reset" then it also won't send the serial data back to the Arduino when I send the command to take a picture (trust me, I've already tried).

Any suggestions for debugging or fixing this camera? Anyone had similar problems?

BTW this is the TTL camera, not the RS232.

Thanks for any help.


Any suggestions for debugging or fixing this camera? Anyone had similar problems?

Have you tried using the cam with a pc to see if it works?
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I set up an RS232 chip and DB9 connector through a breadboard to the camera and tried it with the eval software and nothing comes up. Says "empty response queue" or something like that so I assume that means there is nothing to read from in the receive buffer.

I'm starting to wonder if I have a non-working camera..

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