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Mike Mc

I've thought about making a whole mount from scratch using an Arduino, but it will no doubt be one of those projects I keep saying 'I must do that one day'.


I use the ED too to drive a 2axis panorama head and use a very simple approach: start slow and accelerate until the max and slow down again - done over the range of steps I want to go. It gives a smooth movement and I don't need consider extra time to stabilize the mount before I release the cams shutter.

André S.

absolutum could you show me your code?  :-/  i'm trying to do something like that!



Thanks for the code at top of this site!

I will improve the stepper library a little bit to include acceleration and deceleration and also allow a higher max. velocity. At the moment only 300rmp possible at a stepper with 200 steps because using delay() . The name of the new library will be "StepperHQ".




I just start a telescope controlling project.
I have reading with interest this link :

If some of yours have a similar project I interresting !


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