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I can have a Sony Ericsson J220i, do you know if it could work ?


In the mean while i discovered that the K750i doesn't have a straight serial connection. (I tried everything)  When installing the phone in windows it creates a few virtual com ports. So it's not possible to connect the arduino to the phone straight away.
The only thing you can use is maybe this:
I now bought an old T68i. It came with a KRY 105 192 R2C "USB docking station" :
After finding the right driver for this and installed in in xp I saw 1 serial com port. This was the usb to rs232 com port from the docking station. I connected the phone to the docking station, opened HyperTerminal, choose the com port of the docking station and I can send at commands. Later this day I'm going to buy a DCU-11 cable, I will remove the usb to serial converter and will test it when connected the arduino to the T68i. I think I need to use a voltage divider:
I will keep you posted.



Sorry do not think it will work, check my first post for modells that i assume will work.


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Sorry, do not think that K750 will work that easy but the T68i should do so.

I suggest below connection!

Pin 4: Rx
Pin 5: Tx

Above information found at: http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhones-P-W/erics_t28_pinout.shtml


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Try below code and see if you get a OK back from the phone true the Arduino serial monitor.

Arduino pin 0 and 1 connected to T68i pin 4 and 5 .
Try to switch cables both ways.

Let me know how it goes!

Code: [Select]
 char incomingByte;
 void setup() {


 void loop() {
     //check connection with phone
       // read phone reply if available
     if (Serial.available() > 0) {
           incomingByte = Serial.read(), BYTE;

           // say what you got:
           Serial.print("I received: ");


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