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Mar 19, 2014, 12:22 am Last Edit: Mar 19, 2014, 12:26 am by brians11gt Reason: 1
I'm using a TREX control board that has the Arduino  Nano w/ Atmega 328 with the Servo City servo linear actuator with 560 lbs. of thrust. it has a built in potentiometer for position feedback.  I plan on the whole setup being hard wired so RC control isn't needed. I also want to mention that the potentiometer that I plan on using to manually control the speed, direction, and position is a rotary type potentiometer.
basically I need the actuator to move in relation to the rotary pot. if I turn the pot say 10 degrees to the left I need the actuator to extend say 1". it needs to move as I turn the pot, as i'm turning the pot toward 10 deg. the actuator should be moving toward 1" so if I stop the pot at say 2 deg. the actuator stops in relation. it should be able to act like that thru the entire range of say 40 deg. I would also like it to react to how fast I turn pot....the faster I turn the pot the faster the actuator extends or retracts. that's not the most important part. if the actuator has to move at full speed all the time its acceptable. so obviously if I turn pot to the right the actuator retracts in the same fashion. another question.... if I have a 180 deg. pot is it possible to have the system run within a certain range like between 0 and 40 degrees?  the numbers I've given aren't exact, but they are close.  And of course i'm using the Arduino environment for programming.


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Have you thought of using the controller they sell?


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Mar 19, 2014, 02:58 am Last Edit: Mar 19, 2014, 03:11 am by brians11gt Reason: 1
I've looked at it. it only has speed control.  it doesn't deliver enough current to the actuator. the actuator needs at minimum 15 amps.  speed control is the least of the worries. I definitely need position and direction control. the actuator can run at full speed all the time and that would be fine. I know that the TRex board is capable of performing what I need. I just am not sure how to program it. I am very new at this. Thank you for your input anyways

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