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How to connect a 220 Volt relay with Arduino Uno to control an immersion rod  heater??


You need to use 5V or 12 V relay for isolation.  See the the link http://playground.arduino.cc/uploads/Main/relays.pdf for reference. You need to choose the rating of the relay in terms of AMPs that can handle the load of your immersion rod.


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can any of these SSR be used for my purpose???






How can I use an arduino with motion detection in many 220v appliances..?
If there is no one in a room.. motion detection will shut off the appliances... but if i will going to use my phone it will bypass the motion detection and i will going to turn on the appliances I want to open even though I was not there..
plss help me..


Can I ask in  what do u intend to put this,  I am asking  because I am building a small project with 2 relay modules connected to 220v, and I would like to get an idea in what box to put them,  and how do u mount,.

Can u give a pic of a box and mounting,  or suggest  where to look?

sorry to badge in,  but I wanted an opinion from people who have it.

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