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Hi all,

I got an Arduino NG a couple of days ago.

When i try something like "digitalWrite(10, HIGH);" or "analogWrite(10,255);" after a "pinMode(10, OUTPUT);", a led plugged between 10 and GND does not light.

Touching directly the solder joints does not work either. However, when connecting directly to the atmega pins it works.

It seems there might be something buggy in my board.



You can't connect an LED directly to pin 10. You need a resistor with each LED (...it works without a resistor on pin 13 as there is a resistor built into the board for that pin only). Without a resistor, it is possible to burn out the Atmega outputs.  




Im connecting it with a resistor. For instance, i found out it was not working properly when i tried reading a pushbutton (http://www.arduino.cc/es/Ejercicios/ReadAPushbutton).
This same exercise works properly with pin 9 or 11, for example, but not with pin 10.


Yea, sounds like one of the traces in the board is broken.  If it's a big problem, you can try to get it replaced.



Do you know if i can join the pin of the atmega with the socket directly by soldering a cable between them?


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