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A minor detail, but the Diecimila I received today has a yellow warning sticker saying: "read the terms of use at http://www.arduino.cc/terms." and then threatens your dog if you fail to read it. :-)

Unfortunately the URL doesn't actually exist (with or without ".", "/" or ".html" at the end). (So I'm worried about my dog :-). )

Someone might care about this...



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I just got ten Diecimila for a class I am teaching, and they all have the warning sticker...

"WARNING: before removing this seal, please read the terms of use at http://www.arduino.cc/terms. Removing this seal means that you've read and accepted those terms. Otherwise please return the sealed package to your vendor. look for your board at http://www.arduino.cc/boards for any errate, updates, and precautions on using the board safely. Thank you for supporting Arduino."

(and then antistat, CE and RoHS symbols).

Hmmmm I wonder what the terms of use are?



Wow, shrink-wrap legal / license agreements now.  That seems to be a huge step away from open source.



That seems to be a huge step away from open source.

This is probably a little pedantic but having a shrink wrap licence doesnt mean its not open source.

Its a bit like the new Microsoft 'open source' licenses.
Sure the source is open but there are restrictions on how you can use it.

Your thinking about the FSF's free as in freedom concept.


The terms are meant to be something like "Don't use this for anything that might hurt someone, and be careful if you're using high voltage".  That's all, just a bit of a disclaimer that should be common sense.  Nothing that restricts your freedom, just a bit of protection in case someone decided to sue us.  In any case, no one came up with anything for it to say, so we never posted the terms.  Any ideas?

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