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Hi! i'm about to buy a whole handfull of atmega168's, and i need to know exactly what part number it is.

their are a crapload of atmega168's, like this :
ATMEGA168-20AI --- but im sure that's not it...

i need the exact arduino decimillia one, not an smd one or nothin...

anybody know the EXACT part number?

please and thank you, i need to order 2 nite, so please if you can help, please do so.
thanks! -big93



Mouser have them in-stock, 100 $2.39/unit

What are you using to burn the bootloader?


Page 351 of the datasheet tells us ATmega168-20PI is the standard DIP, ATmega168-20PU is the unleaded version.  I'd buy whichever is cheaper.

-20 for 20MHz version, P for DIP, I for industrial temp range, U for unleaded (RoHS).



i'm using a home made parrallel port thingy, which i made from directions from arduino.cc hacking section, in bootloader.

i'm gonna post another thread on the icsp hookup, becuase i see some part of it that doesent make much sense, but ill post that in the appropriate place...

Thanks for the very speedy reply!

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