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Greetings all,
      I am in need of an arduino programmer/ hardware expert. I have a project that I'm planning on building off the arduino platform that I'll need to incorporate a depth/pressure sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature, compass heading, and possibly GPS sensor to record data and store on a Micro SD card. I'm new to the arduino world, and have built a few simple circuits with my uno, but I need to get this project done sooner than later, and I don't have the time to design, code, and debug this project. If you're interested in participating in this project, please send me a PM so we can chat.

Thanks in advance,


Rob Tillaart

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Interested in the project. Would love to discuss things further.
Have sent you a PM, do let me know :)


I have already designed, built and delivered something very much like this for other clients this year.

When you say depth/pressure are you talking about liquid submersible or barometric air pressure.

All of this can be done on an Uno or pro mini if space is a factor. a simple tilt compensated compass will give you a good direction reading but for heading then a GPS is your best bet. You can get a simple external SD card reader and connect it directly to the Arduino through the SPI interface and use the default SS of D4. Your GPS will be UART and most IMUs are I2C. Thermometers based on the Dallas 1 Wire will take up another port ... but leaves lots of IO for other things like a LCD display or some status LEDs Etc.

I have sent you a PM fee free to get in touch.

Cheers Pete.
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