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Hi All
If anybody could point me in the right direction it would be most helpful.
Here is some info for you to chew over.

Project Info:
Arduino Model: Mega 2560
Purpose in this project: To interput momentary button presses from a custom built steering wheel rim replacement for the Official Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel and output via soldered points on the wheels PCB directly.( A Classic combo button controller hack)

Status: I am at the hardware integration stage EG: Soldering the Arduino Outputs to the physical PCB board.
Problem: When I connect the Arduino I get no feedback from the Xbox that a button press has occurred, for example I have checked everything is working correctly with LEDs and every action is confirmed as working properly.

Where I think the problem may be: I think there could be several possible reasons for the Official Wheel not recognising the button presses on the new custom wheel rim.
1:Voltage is specific( I have tried 5v and 3.3 v  with no effect)
2: Could be a grounding issue maybe the controller isn't common ground?

You're advice on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated

I have attached a Photo of the Official Circuit Board to help demystify what I am describing.

Many Thanks


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Shameless Bump with quick question :smiley-roll-blue:
Any info, links to connecting  Arduino outputs to an Xbox 360 controller buttons would be most helpful.

I was wondering are there any pit falls which are specific to Xbox 360 controllers and hard wiring them  to an arduino?

Is the voltage 5v or 3.3v?
Are there any grounding issues to consider?
How do I find out if there are specific voltages needed for the board so recognise the switch state to LOW?

This is similar to my circuit for the buttons and like the original author the button presses set the state to LOW and returns to HIGH as the default state.


At this stage I just need to get  the A,B,X,Y ,up, down, left, right, button circuits on the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing wheel work EG: do something.

Thanks for you're help

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