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All of you seem to suggest that the reset is caused by a power supply problem. I'm not sure this is the cause, specially as the reset does not happen when powering up the motor but after a while.

It seems more like the USB port is being reset. Could you check this out? Do you have a serial arduino to test it?

I've got some trouble myself with certain external power supplies causing the above mention USB port reset.

Just my two cents,



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Just wanted to chime in and say that I have similar problems with an Arduino Mega and the Tamiya 70097 dual motor. I've it hooked up to a TB6612FNG motor driver from Pololu.

I'm also a total electronics noob, though. So I'm going to take the wise advice and buy a stack of caps, see if that solves the issue.

I can definitely say that if I hook up the motors to a battery and power the Arduino via USB, that the reset takes a lot longer to kick in and I can actually get the motors to spin for several minutes.

Sounds like motor noise from what I've read.

I'll report back.


After following a short lesson on de-coupling and implementing the lesson learnt, the electrical noise seems to be a lot better. I still can't run both DC motors on full speed when powering the Arduino and motors via USB. But when I use a LiPo battery to power both, the motors go up to full rev perfectly.

Might try servos next project :)

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