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Author Topic: Duemilanove + MaxMsp = Broken?  (Read 598 times)
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We just bought 10 Duemilanove Arduinos to use as show controllers for installations.
The chip on those is the ATmega 328.
We use it to receive a push button on pin 10 to start a show built in Max. I use Maxuino004 to read the serial command. When I first uploaded the Firmata v1 on it it worked fine but after a while, the board became completely unresponsive.
We went through 4 boards. They all stopped working about a week after the exhibitions started. I made some experiments and it seems to work only if, after opening the max patch, I push the Arduino's reset button. If I upload simple patches (blink, Button...) they work perfectly well. It seems that only the serial part of the Arduino is broken...
I tried with different "protocols" (simple message, messenger...) to no avail.
What is strange is that I used the Diecimila for the exact same setup with no problems in two years of continuous use.

Arduino Duemilanove ATmega 328
Arduino 015
Mac Book 2.0GHzIntel Core 2 Duo; 2GB DDR3 Memory; NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
OSX 10.5.6
Maxuino 004 (Firmata 1)
MaxMSP 5.0.7

Any ideas?

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