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I purchased the Arduino Serial USB Board and want to hook it up to the Mini pro 5 volt. I can't find the right documentation to do so. What is so hard about at least giving a picture of how to hook it up. You divert the instructions to the mini which is not the same. I need to know how to hook up the auto reset. I even went on this forum and nobody could tell me. The spark fun module shows grn to pin 3 with a cap but there is no grn on the Arduino Serial USB Board. Come on, try and back up a product before you sell it. I know you are assuming a certain degree of electronics expierience but this is just lazy. I will gladly retract this if you can show me the magical place when this question is answered as well as what the jumper is for?
Snap >:(


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From whom did you purchase your Arduino Serial USB? They are probably the ones to whom you should direct this rant.  :)

If you haven't managed to find the schematics/drawings to answer your question yet, then you are going to need LOTS of help from forums such as this. I suggest you be more polite. ;)


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Since this is the forum that is linked directly from the Arduino Web Site AND it says " Help US improve Hardware"  I thought that it was monitored by some employees. I know the pic basic forum is. So that is why I ranted. NOT TO YOU or any other very nice person that helps out on these things but directly to ARDUINO. This section is called Bugs and Suggestions, I found a bug and made a suggestion. Since this linked from the site I thought it the perfect place to rant. Im sorry that for some reason you took it personally. I am a member of many electronics forums and contribute all the time. I hope when this is over to write a proper guide to hooking up the reset from the USB to the Mini Pro and posting it. 8-)


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My apologies if it seemed like I took your rude post personally.

I wasn't aware that you could purchase anything directly from Arduino, rather that you had ordered it from one of their distributors. Would you please post the link which caused you to make this statement:

linked directly from the Arduino Web Site AND it says " Help US improve Hardware"

If you are implying from your statement about participating on many electronics forums, that you have a modicum of background in electronic hardware, then you will be able to solve your problem by visiting:


or somewhere near. That failing, the Sparkfun site has pictures of all the boards which you may be able to match up with what you have and then download the eagle files from which you may be able to figure out what's going on.

It sounds like the available literature is sorely in need of updating and I look forward to reading your tutorial when you finish it.

You could write a nice tutorial about how to purchase the correct USB adapter for the Pro Mini.


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I'm pretty sure if you asked SPARKFUN for help they would have a good idea about what you need.  The nature of a WIKI type page that SPARKFUN was pointing to at ARDUINO.CC... is that it can change without notice and each party may not understand the impact of a change.

But this might help: http://pwillard.com/files/arduino_mini_usb.jpg

Which is what SPARKFUN's page formerly pointed to.


The "green" pin is the DTR input on the Pro Mini. I believe the DTR header pin on the mini USB adapter is clearly marked by silkscreen. If not it comes from pin 2 on the FTDI and you can probably trace it out. Connect those together.


Okay, I didn't realize you had an entire other thread on this topic:


which you should have told us about.

It looks like you bought your USB adapter from Sparkfun, very different from getting it from Arduino. So you posted your question on the Sparkfun forum and got no answer?

Anyway, if the sku # you posted in the other thread is accurate, you have the USB adapter that was designed for use with the Arduino Stamp. It was never meant to be used with the newer Arduinos and doesn't have DTR brought out to anything. I guess you could carefully solder a tiny wire to pin 2 of the FTDI chip and hook it up that way but the safest thing to do would be to purchase the FTDI Basic Breakout board as directed on the Sparkfun site.

And you definitely need to direct your rant to Sparkfun and not this forum, although it's pretty clear from reading the descriptions on their site that you assumed something that was not stated.

Description: Using the FT232RL, the Arduino Serial USB Board shows up as a com port allowing serial communication to and from the [glow]Arduino Stamp[/glow] or any other serial device.


Thanks for all the posts, To Emily.... The facts: 1 Arduino USB Mini is manufactured by Arduino and sold to spark. Arduino is 100% responsible for the literature Period. If you wanted a Sony TV manual would you call Home hardware or would you go to the Sony Site. 2 please stop taking digs at my intelect, especially when you are wrong. You said that I assumed something that was not stated. What part of " or any other serial device" Is Not stated? Im sure you simply forgot that a mini pro is a serial device. On top of that the link directly from the spark fun page to the product sheet states"This board converts a USB connection into 5 volt, GND, TX and RX lines that you can connect to the Arduino Mini or other microcontroller" OR any other Microcontroller!!!. The Biggest Fact of all is that this whole subject absolutley proves my original statement. The Arduino Serial USB Board Documentation Is very Bad   END OF STORY.
Now Emily I have read some of your other posts and I have to say you are one of the most helpfull people on this site and a credit to electronic forums, I am serious. I will try and solder the dtr and see what happens thank you all


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"This board converts a USB connection into 5 volt, GND, TX and RX lines that you can connect to the [glow]Arduino Mini[/glow] or other microcontroller"

My apologies. You are absolutely right. Your USB adapter will work perfectly with your Arduino Mini because it wasn't designed to auto reset. It must be reset manually just before uploading a sketch.

I'm sure you can use it to connect to any other microcontroller but you wouldn't expect them to auto reset either.

Somehow I got confused that you had an Arduino Mini Pro 5 volt which, of course is a completely different animal. It was designed to use the newer 6-pin Sparkfun USB adapters and auto-resets quite nicely.

Again, my apologies. Thank you for the complement. I try to help any way I can.


I found myself at this thread after coming up against a similar difficulty with the Mini USB unit and my first Mini Pro. I spent maybe three hours on and off working through all of the possible issues, including trying a second Mini Pro and also pulling the AVR chip out of my Duemilanove and trying to hook up the USB that way.

The solution for me was to note that:

You must first hold down the reset button on the Mini Pro and then begin to download your code. Do not release the reset button until you see a light blink on the USB unit. This seems to take ages but it's really maybe only 5 seconds. At that point the Mini Pro will be ready to accept the data and you will see the Rx and Tx LEDs flickering wildly on the USB unit.  :)


It's even easier with REL0017 of the IDE. As soon as you see the message in the status window that the sketch has compiled - press the Reset button. The upload will start. No need to stare cross eyed at a little LED anymore.

(I'm doing this with my clone boards, but I'm sure it will work with the mini.)
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Thanks for the help I basically was just pressing the hell out out of the button and crossing my toes. :)

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