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Maby a switch defined by the bootloader will be able to control when the program is run and is not? When the switch it off the program dosent run but you can program it sith the ide. Therefore when testing if you have the arduino mounted and some servos set to run continuosly then when you try to program it, it dosent start moving, (trust me bad expieriences) my temporary solution was to use a seporate servo power supply and wire it to a switch. But that wont work for everything.


I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure I understand. How will the effect of this differ from just making the main loop wait for a button press to get started?


Because the design will be on the pcb... Without having to solder it, personal expierience, such as a robot that im programming (that i built) i forgot a switch and had to hold it up in the air while progrAmming it
the freeduino from sparjfun has a power swutch...


Arduino's are designed for prototyping.

The Arduino team had intended that you prototype your design on the Arduino board, then when it's ready to go move the IC to a more permanent application board. This would presumably have an on/off switch.


you don't get it....

for prototyping it is way easier to have something built in.
you probably haven't experienced it to the fullest...
i need to wait till someone who knows what im talking about to reply
sorry :(

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