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Mike Murdock

Couldn't this be accomplished by changing the bootloader and avrdude?  You could add a "do not run after download" flag to the download data stream sent by avrdude and received by the bootloader.



All im suggesting is a swith and pull down resisor be added to pin **.
you do the code...


Which IO pin do you want to give up so that you can have this switch instead?


I think the original Arduino design made a decent compromise between being general purpose while self sufficient at the same time. Sure an extra push button would have been useful for some but it didn't make the cut.

The pin 13 LED is very useful to tell if the board is functional by uploading a blink sketch without having to wire anything else up. So it's a quick checkout for the initial IDE installation and set-up (board and comm# selection correct) for someone just starting out.

Keep in mind the ease of adding either a store bought or DIY proto-shield that can contain any 'extra' component items you want.



a decent compromise

Indeed.  I've been playing with freescale's Tower eval setup for their MCF51CN128.  Trying to design a PCB "intermediate" board to connect it to arduino shields, in fact.  Despite the fact that this is an 80pin chip, it's been really depressing how many of the "obvious" pins are already "used up" by the demo stuff included on he eval board.  (The Tower Board/setup has a lot of peripherals built in.  Sorta the opposite extreme from arduino.
switches, LEDs, ethernet, switches, accelerometer, potentiometer...)
The Atmel "butterfly" has similar problem...

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