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hey guys, so my partner and i are trying to built and program a transmitter with an arduino uno for a quadcopter that can be mounted onto the copter itself and the copter will take off and start to follow you around. the copter will have some ping sensors mounted permanently and will be able to plug into the transmitter.

anyway, i need a good way for the copter to be able to follow you around accurately (i tried gps :~) 


Iris from 3D Robotics has a follow me mode.
I wonder how they do it?
You should ask this on the DIY Drones forum.


I have the 3DR IRIS + and it will link to the phone and my pebble watch and not only will it follow you it will stay oriented on your position even with no camera


From reading the description of the 3DR, my guess is that its using 2 GPS receivers, one in the aircraft and one in the controller, as they require a GPS enabled phone if thats whats used as the controller.
Such a system can work fairly well, as it effectively implements a crude form of differential GPS, provided that the person doing the controlling and the aircraft are always relatively close to each other,ie receiving the same satellites.

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