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The code should read

No, it should not! Go and look it up.


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I see....
And it works for the 168 and 328 only, not with old mega8


Ah.  Using the PINx magic toggle port, and a variation of the FastDigitalWrite macro that has been floating around, it should be possible to create a "digitalToggle()" function (macro) that takes up no space unless it is used, and operates in a single cycle if all the arguments are constant, and IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE BACKWARD COMPATIBLE WITH ANYTHING!


Well, changing the "any non-zero value causes a 1 to be written" behavior may screw up any number of existing sketches...

I don't necessarily think this is "one of those times", but sometimes you have to decide to say "fsck backwards compatibility" and make a change "for the better".

Deprecate and move on...

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coughheaderspacingcough (although its way too late for that)

now what were you saying?

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