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Well that kind of sucks. Tell them to fix it.  ;)

The only short term fix I can suggest would be for you to defeat the auto-reset function on the board(s). Just wire a 150 ohm resistor between the +5 volt pin and the reset pin. Remove the resistor when you want to upload to it.



Well, I tried it again. This time I connected both USB cables and then opened one IDE window. It reset both micro boards once at this point.

I selected the USB for the Duemilanove and loaded a sketch for that target. Both boards reset again.

So I compiled and loaded the sketch to the '2009' board. Then I clicked on the 'Serial Monitor' icon. It  reset both boards again.

So it has nothing to do with having multiple IDEs or multiple sketches opened at the same time.

Maybe it is in the version of AVRdude or some other low level piece of the system.

I use one '2009' to test the other '2009' and every time this reset buggers up the tests.

Yeah that's what I thought.

Well that kind of sucks. Tell them to fix it.

David, fix it  ;D


I have two arduinos plugged into two USB ports (USB4, USB10)

David, fix it

So which operating system (and versions, etc) is this?  I didn't think that ANY of them ended up naming the ports "USBn"...


which operating system (and versions, etc) is this?

... and whether any/all the boards are connected to an external USB HUB or not?


Right. Windows 7 ultimate, two different ports (neither on hubs, one connected to a mobo port and one to the front case port (from mobo plug) so they are not even on the same internal hub.
One Arduino Duemilanove and one rDuino LEDHead.

I will get off my laptop and go try some more stuff in a bit.

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