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We used to use berlios, but Google is more stable, has better performance (for SVN at least), a nicer interface, and a larger user base.


and one can be sure that once arduino's userbase is big enough that there will be a 'goduiono' experimental Atmel programming board shipped with a ARM Cortex, a 128x64 LCD and ethernet so you can see the newest ads right at the bootloader time but have maximum performance...
Believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding against the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid[ch8230] and I went ahead


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Should that not be Goduino with a capital G?  ;)

I like your thinking anyway. 8-)



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I am downloading now to seed your torrents. I think it's a grand idea. Most people default to 'illegal' when they think torrent but i use them all the time for things even as simple as sharing family photos. Things move sooo much faster when you have a few peers.


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A 2nd drop of water to fill the big pond. So the downloads are guaranteed to work if Google code (or the evil data octopus, as some other members of the forum see it) should break down ;-)

Now how do I get multi tracking to work...
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